Principles of tantra: enjoy the best experience of your life:

  • Be simple and natural: Do not cling to fashion or beauty stereotypes, no need to complicate or adhere layers of ego to personality.
  • Live spontaneously: You only get it living from the heart; mind calculates, design and separates you from the present.
  • Don’t seek control, seek fluency: All control is unnatural. That entire one wants to control escapes sooner or later like sand between the fingers, it’s better adapt to the natural movement of the things.
  • Celebrate the existence:  All days are especial and are diferente every time. This is a choice, a state of consciousness.
  • Live from liberty.
  • Raise the energy. 
  • Meditate.
  • Don’t generate conflicts between that you feel and that you think.
  • Be receptive, stay open to the universe.
  • Focus the mind on present.
  • Use energy in a creative way.
  • Take sex like a demostration of two looking for feel one.
  • Take care the bindu , don’t eyaculate.
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